March 15, 2018

In 2016/2017

International women’s day 

IEEE WIE ENIM Student Branch celebrating Women’s day in National school of engineers of Monastir .The event was led by WIE members both girls and boys in order to promote gender equality in the first hand, and to show WIE AG is not only for women. 

Women in power event

The event was about a projection of several powerful Women’s TED talks. The attendance was not only about students, We invited our professor the talk more about the power of women and its potential in the engineering field.

Tunisian women’s day 

IEEE ENIM Student branch is celebrating Women’s day in Tunisia .Women’s Day is annually celebrated on August 13th, which is the anniversary of promulgation of the Code of Personal Status in Tunisia in 1956.
The Code of Personal Status (CPS) is a series of laws, that regulate relations and institutions of equality between men and women in a number of areas. It was promulgated on August 13th, 1956 and it came to force on January 1st, 1957. This Code gave women powers and established their place in Tunisian society. 

Think Pink 

Breast Cancer Awareness month is a worldwide annual campaign to raise awareness and money to fund research and provide the best facilities possible for those with Breast Cancer. 06/10/2017 , WIE ENIM make this day a special interest and raising awareness day, by collaborating with medical students in order help female student knowing better about Cancer Awarness. A Q&A game take place during the Awarnessday . The game aims to attract more WIE members by encougraing them joining IEEE WIE , and giving them WIE gifts .

WIE Laser Game

After celebration IEEE Day, a WIE activitytake place It was about laser game, a two competitive teams were
doing their best to win. The game was about 2 round competition, the first round each team was formed from boys and girls separate, and the second round each team was composed by mixed members; boys and girls.

WIE biking

In order to keep healthy , WIE ENIM SB orgenzied a monthly biking for its members , and for new IEEE members .

Participation in the international leadership conference(WIE ILC)

IEEE WIE ILC  is dedicated to inspire , engage  and advance  women in engineering. Through over 725+ affinity groups and 20,500+ members around the world, IEEE Women in Engineering transforms the lives of hundred of thousands of young girls and women around the world through pre-university outreach, technical seminars, humanitarian projects, networking events and educational programs .Our WIE member Oumaima ben Amira  participated in the WIE ILC in 2017 .